Minutes of the meeting held on 1.07.2011

Welcome address was read out by Mr Jayanta Deka.

The meeting was presided by Mr. Rupam Goswami ( state convener,
ACC).He has given a brief history of ACC

Self introduction of members made.
The details of next day’s (2nd July 2011) program
with ministerial delegates from Lao PDR were spelt out.

Mr Sanjiv Narain gave a brief outline of objectives and aspirations
of ACC in the near future.

Suggestions and Recommendation by members present.

(A) Mr Tridib Sarma stressed on the importance of research and study on
the new and emerging business ventures and extending the same to interested
entrepreneur of our region. He also said that existing problems faced by
businessmen should be identified and their solutions should be found.

(B) District president of North Lakhimpur Mr Achyut Saikia suggested
that (a) pension should be paid to retied businessmen. (b) Regular Guidelines
should be given by the Central Committee to all district units also strictly
monitored. (c) Steps should be taken to address the unemployment problem.

(C) Tinsukis district President Manoj Kr Borah said that (a) Helpline
should be established by ACC. (b) Membership drive should be taken up. (c)
Executive meeting should be held in every district.

General Suggestions by
Various Members

1.ACC should take
up its social commitment seriously . Social educational schemes should be taken
up and workshop should be conducted on several trade and commercial activity to
help budding entrepreneur.

2. Request to be
made to Assam govt. to involve ACC in any traders meet, budget meet etc.

3. Nagaon
District: Fisheries Project, Weaving Industry and a Sugar mill is defung in Nagaon District. Steps should be taken to
lease the same from Govt. of Assam.


Corpus fund to be created to give financial help to deserving and needy
persons to start their own business.

Executive Meeting to be held in
every quarter in different districts.

Nomination Committee report was
tabled and unanimously passed. The executive body will have a tenure of 3

A quarterly Magazine is to be
published and same to be published monthly in next year and all district bodies
have to take minimum of 100 copies at a discounted rate of Rs 25/ per copy.

Different responsibilites of
work to be distributed among members.

Memberships drive to be made by
all members to strengthen the organization.

Formation of district bodies
where district bodies are not present.

Life member and patron member
to be inducted from all districts by the central committee.

Regular Guidelines should be
given by the Central Committee to all district units and to be strictly

10. Pending dues of district bodies to central committee @ Rs 3000.00
per year to be cleared before next executive meeting to be held on October

11. All district bodies will have their own bank accounts and accounts
to be placed to central committee in next executive meeting.i.e October 2011.

12. Audited accounts to be placed in 2nd executive meeting
i.e.december 2011.

13. A press release must be issued by all district bodies addressing
local problems.

14. President, Secretary General and spokesperson of district and
central committee or with due permission from Chairman of central committee can
address press.

15. In every executive meeting all district bodies should furnish their
last 3 (three) months activities


Rupam Goswami

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