rupamComing together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success – Henry Ford

It was all started in 2007, when we started Assam Chamber of Commerce with a few people but over the years Assam Chamber of Commerce progresses in leaps and bounds. We all the members worked very hard by putting our time and efforts to place Assam Chamber of Commerce in a very respectable position not only in the regional and national level but also in the international level.

I want to thank all the members for their hard work and effort for bringing Assam Chamber Commerce in such a respectable position and I hope we will always work together to meet the aims amd objectives of Assam Chamber of Commerce.

The success of Assam Chamber of Commerce will always depend on the keeping and working together with all the members for fulfilling our socio-economic objectives. I hereby request all the members to work together in future endeavors of Assam Chamber of Commerce.

It always gives me immense pleasure to convey that the journey we had started in 2007 was a great beginning. Above all I believe sustainability requires shared commitment, clear intent and a solid plan of action.

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