Assam Chamber of Commerce was formed on 29th may 2007.This is an association of traders, businessman, professionals and social workers of Assam. This is basically a Socio-economic Organization with a outlook to develop economic growth as well as social security of our people.

It has been seen that there are more than 1 crorer  businessmen, traders, professionals and social workers in Assam but no one is organised. Out of this only 2% to 3% people are organized in small-small fraction. So, there is a need of one co-coordinating body at state level with strong networking of all districts with all section of trade and commerce.


  1. To develop and maintain friendly relation amongst all the members and all other persons in the trade.
  2. To promote and protect and varied trade interests of the members and to find out the ways and means for the same and to utilize them.
  3. To arbitrate disputes amongst the members and/or those who submit their disputes to arbitration.
  4. To promote, support or redress by lawful means, legislation and other means, issues relating to the trade interests of members.
  5. To communicate or to be operate with the Central/State Government, Chamber of Commerce and other mercantile/Public Bodies or Individual with a view to convert and promote measure for the protection to trade interests of the members.
  6. To help the public in event of natural calamity and to do other philanthropic activity from time to time.
  7. To borrow or raise money for any of the objects of the chamber in such a manner and terms as the chamber may deem fit and proper.
  8. The income and property of the chamber when so ever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the chamber and no part thereof shall be diverted directly or indirectly for profit of the members except proper or reasonable remuneration to any service actually rendered to the committee/Chamber of commerce or for the premises let out to the chamber.
  9. To acquire by purchase, hire purchase or lease, land building or any other property, movable or immovable as the Chamber may from time to time deem fit.
  10. To accept any gift, bequest, donation, endowment or property, whether subject to special condition or not for the benefit of the Chamber.
  11. To invest money of the chamber in such a manner as may be though necessary by the chamber from time to time.
  12. To do all other things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the above subject.



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