Minutes of the meeting held on 23.10.2011

1. Welcome address by Jayanta Deka.

2.Meeting presided by Rupam Goswami.

3.Condolence meeting in memory of Business people killed recently by armed thugs.

4 Agenda read out by Alakesh Rai Medhi, also recent activities of ACC was spelt out by Alakesh. 5 Minutes of last meeting were discussed..

6. Members were requested to create their own email id & also register themselves in the ACC website, for easy communications.

7.Advertisement should be collected by all district units/members to make “Business Assam”financially sound & strong. Also articles& essay’s should be sent for publication in the same.

8 Life & patron members must be made in all towns & cities of Assam. {minimum 2}.

9. Rs 3000/-will be the annual subsricption fees from all District units , appeal to all units to send the same timely to ACC Ght.

10.Identity Card to be issued by ACC at District level to all members.

11.Monthly meetings in all Districts mandatory, to be attended by central committee members & reports should be sent regularly to central office.

12. District Bodies should be formed in unrepresented areas and by next executive meeting in December 2011 all District members should be present.

13. Broad Gauge Goods Yard should be shifted to outskirts of Guwahati as also Fancy Bazar Wholesale market also be shifted to N Highway/ Amingaon.

14. Proposals——–1 Reach out to Rural areas, small towns& invite businessmen from these areas to join ACC. 2 Awareness of aims & objectives of ACC to be widely circulated so as to attract more & more people to join ACC.Care should be taken to admit quality & reputable people in ACC. Chairman Rupam Goswami

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