I on behalf of ASSAM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE welcome all media friends to this Press Meet held on 2nd November at Hotel Prag Continental Panbazar Guwahati .We feel very sorry for the people who died in serial bomb-blasts of Assam.We pay our homage to all who died in these tragic incidences.We also condemn these brutal and cowardly incidences.We also demand to the government that culprit must be booked immediately.

It has been noticed that several bomb blasts occurred in our state and several enquiry has been made but nothing has been made public till date.There was always lots of protest by the different organizations and public but what is the result?

It has been noticed that there was lack of security forces in Assam.Even after so many blalst , there was no proper security system yet in ASSAM. Most of the security people of Assam are engaged in giving security to vips only.We mean lots of people in Assam are keeping PSOs who are actually not VIPs.So Our Question to government is that Are general people life is not important?The basic duty of a government is to protect life and property of a INDIAN CITIZEN.

Economy of Assam is really disturbed by such type of incidence.It has noticed that all blasts are basically blown only at the site of bussiness place.After last year serial bomb blast it has been noticed that FANCY BAZAR which is a hub of NORTH EAST was guarded like anything and as a result of which business of FANCY BAZAR has gone down and we have lost revenue.Our point is that now GANESHGURI has also had lots of blasts so will they guard GANESHGURI like that ,if than how many spots they are going to guard.This is not the solution .The solution is to improve your intelligence agency.

We also condemn the acts of antisocials who has done nuisance at GANESHGURI in connection with the blast but at he same time we also condemn government for not sending Police personel in time and for their inefficiency to control the mob.

We have seen that many organizations both political and non political are protesting the incidence but no one has tried to analysis why all this are happening?To us this is happening only because of power and money i.e SHATTA and SAMPADA.(RAJYA AND BAZZAR).So,we feel that this need to be controlled..

We also feel that at this juncture all Political and non-political parties should work together to fight against terrorism rather blaming each other,but which is happening among political parties. This is the time to really think about the public whom they represents and tried to represent. This is not the time to think for own or own parties benefit.

Now ,we demand that kins of all deceased persons should be compensated by giving Rs 10 lacs each and seriously injured (i.e.who will be unable to work) of Rs 5 lacs each and injured persons should be given Rs 3 lacs each.

All NSG and Forensic reports of previous bomb blasts should be made public and also demand that there must be a time frame for such type of enquires and should be made

We also request all political parties not to compromise on BANGLADESHI issues for their political benefit rather than to tackle strongly to safeguard indigenous people of ASSAM.

Federal system of POLICE administration should be introduced by the centre.

At last we like to inform all people of ASSAM through this media that we are withdrawing OUR ASSAM BANDH called on 3rd November from 5 am to 5 pm as many people of Assam requested us for the same.But at the same time we have also taken decision to make the protest by a SILENT SIT IN DEMONSTRATION at Dhighalipukhuri par on 4rd November from 11 am to 1 pm.
4th November–Black flag hoisting at all business place of ASSAM and black badges wearing by all business community
9th—All religion prayers at Dhighalipukhuri par..

Thanking you

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